Summer trip around the world in the Vrbov Thermal Park

Summer trip around the world in the Vrbov Thermal Park

Clearly, you don’t have to go far for summer relaxation with the atmosphere of a foreign country. Great services, perfect relaxation, fun and unforgettable experiences during activities you will take away during the summer trip around the world in Vrbov in the first block of summer and summer holidays.

June / July

15 and 16.6. Slovakia (costumes, folk music, traditional Slovak games and competitions)
22 and 23.6. Japan (kimonos, funny Japanese-themed competitions)
29. and 30.6. Spanish fiesta (costumes, roses in hair, Latin songs all day)
6. and 7.7. Greece (characteristic costumes and competitions)
13. and 14.7. Egypt (Cleopatra)
20 and 21.7. French Disneyland (mascots and fairy-tale characters, face painting, bubble mini-disco party, balloon creations)
27 and 28.7. Tropical Hawaii (colorful flares, Hawaiian costumes, tropical games and competitions)


Saturday and Sunday
10:00 Welcome (thematic welcome before entering the Thermal park)
10:30 Vrbov dancing (hips moving and Vrbov choreography)
11:00 Morning stretching (with fit aids)
13:00 Active relaxation positions for adults (1. petanque, 2. volleyball, 3. moderated quiz by the pool)
14:00 We play on request
15:00 Children’s zone (pool games and mini disco party)
16:00 Aqua-cardio mix (dance cardio exercise in the pool)